Content is Queen. In today’s connected world, we have instant access to countless pieces of information from an array of sources, delivered in a variety of mediums. We are constantly bombarded with more content than our brains can handle. The TV is on in the background as we listen to music, surf the Internet on our computer, and catch up with our friends through social media on our smart phones.  

But what does this mean as a business owner? It means that if you aren’t producing and releasing relevant content as fast as your target audience is looking for it, then you’re being lost in the background behind all of your competitors who are. Let Ace help you be found. 

All package pricing is per month requires a six month contract. 


starter Package.png

Blog Starter Package

  • Editorial Calendar

  • 4 Blog Posts per Month (SEO & Keywords)

  • 4 Social Media Posts (directing your audience to your blog posts)

Copywriting Starter Package

  • Rewrite Existing Content on Homepage & Bio

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Customize a Package Unique for your Business

Additional Content Marketing Services:

  • Editorial Calendar

  • Blog Posts (2 to 4 posts per month)

  • Social Media Posts

  • Rewrite Existing Content (Website, Email Marketing, or Social Media)

  • Content & Technical Audit - UX, SEO, Keywords, Technical Navigation

  • Add Other Services we provide